Garment Care and Size Guide



Our range is designed and made with love by us. We strive to create garments that are of a high quality and to maintain your garment quality please ensure you follow the below instructions. We do not take resposibilty if you do not follow these instructions.

To ensure a quality lasting product we suggest that you hand wash your CARTÍAS  Tees or wash on a delicate machine cycle.

Wash all Red Tees separately.

Do not soak.

Do not tumble dry.

Wash Tie Dye Tees seperatley.

Iron on warm inside out if required.


Chest Width (CW)

Length from shoulder to bottom hem (L)

Size 0 - 28cm CW x 37cm L

Size 1 - 29cm CW x 38cm L

Size 2 - 30cm CW x 41cm L

Size 3 - 33cm CW x 43cm L

Size 4 - 35cm CW x 45cm L

Size 5 - 36cm CW x 47cm L



Measurements are taken of item laying flat. 

All measurements are approximate and as our items are all handmade, unique and made from varies fabrics measurements many vary slightly.


Size 0 - Waist 21cm, Length 20cm at longest point, Leg 14.5cm

Size 1 - Waist 22cm, Length 21cm at longest point, Leg 15cm

Size 2 - Waist 23cm, Length 22cm at longest point, Leg 15.5cm

Size 3 - Waist 24cm, Length24cm at longest point, Leg 17cm


Harem Shorts

Measurements are taken of item laying flat.

All measurements are approximate.

Size 0 - Waist 20cm, Length 26cm, 

Size 1 - Waist 21cm, Length 27cm

Size 2 - Waist 22cm, Length 28cm

Size 3 - Waist 23cm, Length 29cm